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Insulin Consensus: An Urgent Call to Action

Currently in the world there are some abhorrent things happening, and it is easy to feel helpless and unsure how you can help. An example of a current humanitarian crisis is the genocide currently ongoing in Palestine (#FreePalestine) however this isn’t the only event where human rights are being breached. One of the awful things that have done is put insulin pens on the list of banned items, which means that individuals who are insulin dependent (including Type 1 Diabetics) cannot get access to the medicine that literally keeps them alive.

A group of diabetes advocates have grouped together after this news broke, and decided to start a petition named the ‘Insulin Consensus’, which is a statement of consensus urging uninterrupted insulin access during all Humanitarian Crises.

The insulin consensus outlines the basic human rights that the withholding of insulin breaks, including Right to Life (UDHR Article 3), Right to Health (ICESCR Article 12), Child’s Right to Health (UNCRC Article 24), and Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD Article 25). As insulin is essential for survival, access to it safeguards the human right to health and life, and the recent restrictions on insulin during conflicts are alarming.

The insulin consensus is an urgent call to action, asking for all parties to recognise the humanitarian impact of obstructing insulin access, prioritising the health and survival of those reliant on this life-saving medication. It is imperative to understand that the absence of insulin equates to death for those in need, therefor any barrier hindering insulin access for a region or population must be addressed promptly.

To sign the insulin consensus, and to safeguard the futures of individuals dependent on insulin all over the world, visit here -

Until Next Time,

Alyssa x

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