Monday, 19 December 2016

Dressing with Type 1 Diabetes

This may seem like a vain topic, but it is a very important in order to feel confident. I personally feel weighed down by all the diabetes supplies and having to constantly carry everything around with me is hard. I wear an insulin pump with long tubing, and also wear a CGM stuck to my arm, so I often find it difficult to find a discreet place to hide my pump, whilst it still being accessible.

Here is a few ways that you can store your pump!

  1. In the front of your bra
    • This can be convenient and discreet, except when you go to take out your insulin pump. If you take it out in front of males they tend to look very shocked and look away as quickly as they can!
    • There can also be a problem  if you wear a crop top, the tubing will show. I get this a lot as I always wear my cannula on my stomach or legs.
  2. You can keep it on your waistband or in your pocket of your trousers or skirt. This is comfortable and easily accessible but I find that it draws too much attention to the pump for my liking.
  3. You can wear it clipped to your underwear if you are wearing a dress, but you have to have quite sturdy pants to make sure it doesn't make your underwear fall down under a dress! If you do this, you can make it more secure by wearing tights over it. I like doing this because my pump becomes almost undetectable, but it also awkward if you need to get out your pump to bolus for food!
  4. You can buy a garter for your leg in which you can store your insulin pump if your wearing a tight dress. I personally don't like this because it falls down my leg, and if I wear it over tights the tights end up snagging on the Velcro
  5. You can get belts for your waist, which is perfect if your wear a loose fitting top. If the clothing is tight-fitting, I don't like wearing it because it sticks out too much. It is also not very accessible
  6. You can also wear your pump clipped to the side or back of the bra. I haven't really tried either but it is always an option.

If I'm wearing jeans, I'll just place my insulin pump in my pocket or clipped to my waistband but if I have a tight top, I clip my pump to the middle of my bra. It may stick out a little, and I may look like a robot when my pump lights up in between my chest, but it is discreet. Most of the time, if I am going out or wearing a nice outfit I will wear it in the middle or my bra.

As for my CGM, it is hard to hide, but I find that if I act confident about it, even if I'm not feeling confident, it is easier. If you act like you don't care about it being there, not many people will notice it or ask about it!

Everyone is different, and has different ways of dealing with things. Often I find it hard when I just want to enjoy myself and not think of diabetes, and so that is way I place my insulin pump in my bra, but it is personal preference!

Until Next Time,

Alyssa x

Ps I use a Medtronic Minimed insulin pump and Enlite CGM