Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Why I'm not Studying Nursing at University

Over the last few years, I have been in contact with a lot of nurses, and have mainly had positive experiences surrounding them. That is why I wanted to pursue a career in nursing, so I could help people the way they helped me. When I first thought of the idea of doing nursing as a career, I mainly thought the bursary student nurses get would be beneficial, but the more I thought about it, I really wanted to do this. I was starting to get excited about the prospect of studying nursing, and my future, and I really thought I would be a working nurse after university.

I had 4 interviews at Scottish University's, including Stirling, University, Edinburgh Napier University, University of Glasgow and Edinburgh University. There was a range of group interviews, individual interviews and multiple mini interviews. The interviewers must have thought I would make a good nurse, as at the end of the process I had two conditional offers and 2 unconditional offers. I am extremely proud of myself for achieving that, and was humbled that all the universities saw something in me.

At my interview at Edinburgh Napier University, they carried out a occupational health check, which hadn't been done at any of the other universities. After handing in my form, I was called out because the nurse wanted to review my case. I told her that I had had a seizure from going hypo as few weeks before, she looked doubtful that I would pass. Regardless, she asked a lot of questions about the rest of my health, and then I got on with my interview. I knew that in nursing an occupational health check would have to be done, but I know some diabetic nurses who don't have problems with it, so I thought it would be fine. It wasn't until that moment that it dawned on me that I may have issues.

After this, me and my mum thought we would do some research. I asked around on twitter and Facebook, however not many other diabetics have had issues with this. My mum called the office for occupational health at the University of Glasgow, and they said that because I have periods of "Uncontrolled Unconsciousness", that I would have a slim chance of passing the occupational health.

Basically, I never officially failed the occupational health, but I decided to go down another route before I actually did. It was just too much hassle, and I would rather have a job that has more job security, and that I would be able to do despite of my health issues. I am so upset about this, but that's life, and sometimes things don't work out. So now to figure out what the other route I am following is...

Until Next Time..

Alyssa xx

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